H.R. 1595

H.R. 1595, the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act.

The Guam World War II Claims act, offically - H.R. 1595, the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, is stalled in the U.S. Senate.

It already passed in the House of Representatives. Last month one Senator, Jim DeMint, blocked a unanimous consent motion for the bill by Senator Barbara Boxer. You can read an article in the Pacific Daily News here, and the article is also available on this website here. I do not think the Senate, nor the American public completely understand the issue and the significance to Taotao Guam.

We are often told that there are more Chamorros living in the mainland than on Guam. Since that is probably true, here is a chance for them to help Madeleine get the bill passed in the Senate. Congresswoman Bordallo and her predecessors in Congress have worked hard for decades to get this wrong corrected. We need to act now to support passage of the bill. I am sure members of the Senate are unaware, and will be surprised, of how many of their constituents are from Guam. In order to get this bill passed we need to contact these Senators and let them know how important this issue is and how many people in the U.S. support it.. So I have set-up a webpage with a sample message and links to important Senators. Just copy the message, click on a link, enter your information, paste the message and send it to the Senator. Please send the message to every Senator listed, especially Senator Jim DeMint. Yes, it may take a few minutes, but it is worth it for every Manamko who suffered during the occupation of Guam.

If you live in the states, there is also a link that will allow you to contact your individual State Senators. Just click on the link to find your State Senators. You will then be able to navigate to your Senators contact page and send them the message. Finally. You may want to add your personal story, or that of a family member's ordeal during the occupation to the message. Or write a message of your own.

Then please, eMail or call family, friends or co-workers and urge them to participate as well. We need all the help we can get to pass H.R. 1595, this is especially true since Guam has just enjoyed quite a bit of publicity thanks to the recent Democratic primary. Let's make sure that Guam's voice is heard in the Senate! Just do it now! Click Here - TEW